Citizen Participation
Consolidate discussion on a topic
Enhance mutual understanding

Building bridges

Protests such as those in the Arabic world, Democracy Real Ya! and the Occupy Wall Street movement emerge because the citizens are not sufficiently included in the political process. Wiki9999 would like to reduce the split between politics and the citizenry. The goal of is to create the technical foundation for "We are the 99.99%".

Why do we need Wiki9999?
How do we implement Wiki9999 technically?


1. Provide a framework for citizen participation
A discussion about a topic must take place on even terms.

2. Consolidate discussion on a topic
Different positions on a topic should be brought into one comprehensive discussion.

3. Enhance mutual understanding
The search for cooperative solutions requires an inclusive process.

Why do we need

For discussions on EVEN TERMS

We need Wiki9999 to defuse the abuse of power, because any discussion on a SINGLE platform could be subject to censorship. For example Twitter can censor, depending on a government's criteria. Only a decentralized joint discussion on many different platforms can reduce the abuse of power and assure a discussion on even terms.

We look forward to your support

For Developer

The technical implementation of Wiki9999 consists of two main areas:

  1. Developing a semantic logic that supports the search of cooperative solutions to common issues. The development of that logic is inspired by the philosophy of the ideal speech situation from Jürgen Habermas, the design principals for common pool resource institutions of Elinor Ostrom, and the systems theory of Niklas Luhmann.
  2. Developing different techniques for gathering public data from different websites about the same issue.

Translated to milestones for developer: